Month: March 2023

Impacts of Graphic Design Development on Teaching Graphic Design in the Arab World

I don’t firmly believe that the Arabic library contains sufficient books dealing analytically with Graphic Design that could support the Arabic universities, with specialized art academies, and could be utilized as special curriculum within the teaching plans of these academies….


The Lemon Law in Florida – Expressing the Law as it Influences Customers

The Florida Governing body in 1988 overhauled a law that makes vehicle producers liable for supplanting flawed vehicles or discounting purchasers’ cash in the event that the vehicle applies to specific circumstances set out by the Council. This law is…

The 5Ps of Marketing: Their Importance and Relevance

Let us discuss the 5 Ps of Marketing. They are the fundamental principles of Marketing Management. Let us discuss what they stand for: Product: Product stands for the product a company intends to sell or it produces. It forms the…